Install & Updates


  • OpenCart, 1.5.2.x, 1.5.3.x, 1.5.4.x, 1.5.5.x, 1.5.6.x
  • vQmod 2.1.7+



  1. Before install Blog Manager, make sure vQmod is already installed.
  2. Extract the archive and copy all file or folder inside upload/ folder into your site root.
  3. Set the group permission to allow access and modify Blog Manager & Blog Modules at System > Users > User Groups. Check all Access and Modify permission for Blog Manager.
  4. You need to sure that all admin user have firstname and lastname data. Go to System > Users > Users and edit user.


  1. Then install Blog Manager through menu: Extensions > Install Blog Manager.
  2. You will redirected to Author page and see installation success confirmation.
  3. Blog Manager require an author with blog admin level to work. Select the user and fill the author name alias and submit.

Blog Manager have it's own permission, devided into author, manager and admin.
Only registered author able to access Blog Manager. For further information read Authors and Permission.

  1. Blog home link
    // Link to Blog Home
    <?php echo $this->url->link('blog/category/home'); ?>
    // Result without SEO
    // Result with SEO
  2. Blog category link
    // Category with Id 17
    <?php echo $this->url->link('blog/category','category_id=17'); ?>
    // Usage example
    <a href="<?php echo $this->url->link('blog/category','category_id=17'); ?>"> Category </a>
  3. Blog article link
    //== Article with Id 18
    <?php echo $this->url->link('blog/article','article_id=18'); ?>
    //== Example
    <a href="<?php echo $this->url->link('blog/article','article_id=18'); ?>"> Article </a>\
  4. Put blog home link at main menu
    // Assuming you use default theme OpenCart v.
        <?php foreach ($categories as $category) { ?>
            <li><a href="<?php echo $category['href']; ?>"><?php echo $category['name']; ?></a>
            ... ...
        <?php } ?>
        // Blog link
        <li><a href="<?php echo $this->url->link('blog/category/home'); ?>"> Blog </a></li>
3rd theme have different way to put custom link at menu. Consult to your theme developer how to put the link.


  1. Backup your site first; both files and database before update.
  2. Open update/ folder and you will see various update version-to-version represented by the folder name.
    Note: The x in the folder name above mean any number. If you use BM v1.2.0 or v1.2.2 mean you update all file and folder inside v1.2.x_to_v1.3.6.1.
  3. Upload the update file to your site. It will overwrite previous Blog Manager file to latest version.
  4. Go to OpenCart admin > Blog to trigger database and vQmod file update.
  5. As precaution of setting change, go to Admin > Blog > Setting and resave it.
If you get "You not have permission to access this page", go to System > Users > User Groups and give access permission to all Blog Manager file.


To keep your database clean from unnecessary data, uninstall process will ensure there is no Blog Manager table left on your database. And automatically deactivate main Blog Manager vQmod file.
To uninstall Blog Manager go to Blog > Admin > About > Uninstall

Uninstall only remove Blog Manager database and deactivate vQmod file. Not deleting Blog Manager file at your server.