EchoThemes Sites Updates

Recently we get a chance to make new designs for EchoThemes site. And on this opportunity we also introducing new Membership plan and updating the Terms & Conditions to cover new account and access policy.

Here is summary to all change we've made along with the site updates.

Download and Update Access

All purchase now get certain limit time access to download and get support. Single purchased products (including all purchase already made) either purchased in EchoThemes or OpenCart marketplace get 1 year download and support.

To continue accessing the product download and get support, it's required to re-purchase the products. And we are offering 50% discount for renewal access purchase which you can get ask through ticket.


Membership user can download and get supoort for all products. There is two type of membership, Regular and Developer. Regular membership will expire in one year, while Developer work for lifetime.

We offer a 40% discount on membership renewals while the current membership is active. This doesn't require coupon and automatically calculated based on the membership group. Once the membership expired, user will get normal price.

To see more information about membership you can refer to Pricing page.

Tickets Improvement

We fix the ticket editor issue when user copy-pasted their information from other site to the editor.

Also tickets will auto-lock the thread when no reply for more than 14 days. We hope this can keep all information in the ticket relevant for supporting.

Forum Removal

Previously we had both tickets and forum as support channel. Our evaluation shows that the forum is not effective for supporting channel. Users not aware that the fix suggested on forum is posted for specific situation, and use it to solve their problem. As expected this cause more issue than solving the problem. So we decide to remove the forum and only use Tickets as the main support channel.

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